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On behalf of our whole team, we hope that you and your family and safe and healthy.

We know that it's not business as usual, but we also know that our medical professionals are working overtime, and need to change out of their scrubs and clothes before they enter their home. What better than something pretty and comfortable.

Sponsor a Gift Card for a Healthcare Hero and we will happily donate one on your behalf .

Élevé loungerie is there for you in the bedroom and out, offering gentle support while you’re sleeping, and a boost when you need it.

Because all women deserve a lift.

Made in the USA

So we can ensure the highest quality manufacturing; source the softest, most comfortable fabrics and trims; and do something good for the planet.

Front-Adjusting Design

Why pull a Houdini just to adjust your straps?
(Whose idea was it to put those things in the back, anyway?)

Machine Washable

Toss our loungerie cold cycle in the washer, gentle cycle in the dryer. Because hand-washing your delicates should mean something else entirely.

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Why Eleve?

Engineered using our magical pattern.

Supportive, seamless, and ridiculously comfortable.

No compression, binding, or underwires.

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You Don’t Need Another Bra

Underwire ruins a garment you can comfortably sleep and lounge in. Eleve’s engineered panel system offers real but gentle support, and a flattering silhouette.

Because We Know Boobs Change

A woman’s breasts change sizes over 6 times in her life - through puberty, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, weight changes, and menopause. Our pieces adapt with you.

Cotton Shrinks
(We Don't)

Every Eleve piece is made with Modal, a breathable, carbon-neutral fiber made from beech trees. It’s as comfortable as silk or cotton, but without the shrinking, fading, or pilling.

For the Love of The Ratty T-Shirt

You know the one - that amazingly soft t-shirt that you love to sleep in? Eleve fabrics are even softer, but look just a few notches nicer for when you’re up and about.

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