Such a great piece of sleepwear/lounge wear. It’s the perfect garment to wear on a Saturday morning when I’m just not quite ready to get dressed but I’m not interested in being in a shapeless nightgown. I’m so happy with it I’ll be buying more!
- Juliet R., New York

When it arrived I immediately tried it on and haven't taken it off all day. Love it. Want it in other colors and maybe a square neck too along with the scoop neck. Feels great!!
- Carolyn Z., New York

I love the fit, the quality and color options. They wash very well and are super comfy to sleep in. I have both the 1 and 2 piece and love them equally.
-Ulrika C., NYC 

Amazing quality! Super comfy and supportive :) Thanks! 
 - Faya L., Manhattan

I am really enjoying my Boostwr. The cami set is super comfortable and very attractive, perfect for when I want to lounge around in the evening before bed with or without a robe. I love the freedom of no wires yet enough support to feel confident. The fabric is super soft. Worth your money for sure.
- Stephanie P., New York City

Looove the product!! very well thought of.. and the quality is amazing, so soft!!...definitely buying more to make gifts for the holidays!
- Karen B., Seattle, WA

Boostwr is fabulous!!! I am VERY fussy about bras and undergarments, and Boostwr exceeds my expectations. The fit is perfect and so comfortable - not too tight and nothing digging into you. The best part is the fabric - sooooooo.... soft and comfortable - it really feels luxurious.
The cut is so flattering - makes you feel comfortable and sexy.
- Joan L., NY

Yes and I love it absolutely love it it is perfect and fabulous and you need to let the whole breast cancer community know about it too!!!!
-Angelique A., California

"I love my Boost night gown. I am so happy to be able to walk around my house with my kids around feeling comfortable with anyone seeing me in night gown. Its also so comfortably soft when I wear it to sleep. 
- Jackie S., NYC

" I wore the cam/short set and it's the comfiest thing ever. I love the top and it's so supportive.  Thank you!"
- Coco, Manhattan

"I bought it for my teenage daughter Carolyn and it fit like a glove and does exactly what you said - she can adjust up and down. It's really very sophisticated - and the material is just beautiful. The navy is so nice and it's so soft. It's a great product! "
- Elizabeth L. Toronto

I wore it and truly thought it was extremely comfortable   ---  and also felt the yummy fabric added a bit of luxury I even worked out in it!   I threw it in the wash and put it in the dryer......came out beautifully. 
- Dorothy W., Washington, DC

"I've finally abandoned a nursing bra at night and am absolutely loving my Boostwr nightie!!!  Thank you!!"
- Lisa V., New York

"I didn't know I needed a Boostwr  until I got a Boostwr! 
I used to sleep in loose tank tops and I noticed recently my boobs were getting in the way when I slept! I'm a size 34D. As I would turn from side to side I had to be aware of where my boobs were going while I was sleeping. Even so, I wasn't sure Boostwr was for me but I did love how soft the fabric felt when I tried it on... now LOVE the fact that my boobs are comfortably (not too loose, not too tight) held in place overnight and the nightie does not bunch up around me when I sleep. It's simply perfection! In the morning when I get up, I'm happy walking around in my Boost nighty instead of my old loose tank top, and I can easily boost up my straps for extra day support. Thanks Boostwr!! I'll be sharing with all my friends!"
- Michele G., New York

"Thanks Sandra! I wore it last night. Big success - my husband loved it, I loved it and it was super comfortable to sleep in."
- Rachel S., NYC

"I have the Boostwr Nightie in Black and I quite literally wear it as long as it is not in the dirty laundry. Usually 4 nights a week. I sleep in this number. I love the soft and lightweight fabric for this time of year. And of course, the built in support system is perfect for lounging around in comfort and confidence before bedtime. I want to say thank you to Sandra for seeing the need in the market for supportive loungewear tailored specifically to large busted women and for meeting that need! I love my Boostwr!

- Shelbee on the Edge/ Michelle Miki Montoro, Pennsylvania